Despite its smaller size, the Air 10 comes with great power and all of the advantages that Duovac’s central vacuum systems have to offer. [su_label type=”success”]Read more below.[/su_label]

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  • Nuera Air DuoVac Air10 A10-260i-NA-ED central vacuum system
  • 8 inlet valves or 8000ft2 maximum
  • 651 Airwatts
  • 141″ H20 waterlift suction power
  • Lamb Ametek Thru-Flo 2 stages 5.7″ motor
  • Intelligent progressive start and stop electronic circuit board
  • LED display indicator for status and required maintenance
  • 5 gallons dirt capacity
  • compact model, easy to install everywhere
  • Hybrid technology bag or bagless central vacuum
  • Permanent washable HEPA DuoFib polypropylen filter
  • Ultra quiet in operation, only 57 decibels
  • Lifetime warranty, 25 years
  • Includes wall fixtures and brackets, low voltage wire connectors, 1 Duofib filter, 1 dust bag
  • Made in Canada

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AirWatts: 651
Airflow: 59.5 l/s
Power: 140.9 in H2O
Noise level: 55 dB
Voltage: 110-120 V
Maximum amperage: 13.8 A
Motor type: Thru-Flow
Dimensions: 22.5 x 11.375 x 13.25 po
(570 x 290 x 337 mm)
Weight: 17.2 lb (7.82 kg)
Dust canister capacity: 21.1 litres
Filtration bag capacity: 12 litres
Filtration bag: FILTRE-18

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  • Lifetime warranty on all electrical components
  • 5 years warranty on labor



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